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Our Teaching is based on the CAPS curriculum as well as on Christian values. A value as per our mission statement is selected weekly and combined with a 15-minute scripture and prayer meeting daily before school commences. Our school and class rules are based on 1 Corinthians 13: 47 – with love being the most important.

Keeping the learner-teacher aspect ratio at 12:1 ensures a personal relationship between learner and teacher (embedded in our constitution). We firmly believe this is the secret to our success.

A various number of assessments are completed by all learners to understand their individual needs and, if required, assess the gap that needs to be closed as well as the tools needed to assist the learner in achieving not only the required results but also to exceed the set standard.

The learner is an individual with individual and particular needs. It is an important aspect that all teaching, education and assessment takes into consideration.

Lessons are kept interactive as educators guide learners through various methods to know and understand the work with the necessary skills to apply knowledge with insight – teaching them from a young age to respect other learners.

Teambuilding plays an important part in achieving a sense of belonging. With the aid of mentor groups, our weekly teambuilding exercise is both relaxing and exciting. A wonderful way to end the week on a high note.

With the focus on building and growing the learner as a person, we use this as a basis to equip the learner to achieve better results academically and interpersonally.

We launched our uniform early 2017, it is informal and comfortable and gives the learner a sense of belonging. We are very proud of our uniform and encourage every learner to take care of it and to wear it with pride.