About us

Nestled in the embrace of Lanseria, Hartebeespoort and the Cradle of Humankind, a new opportunity for learning has established itself on the farm Lindley.

The school venue is not new; the buildings are over a hundred years old – having housed Roodewal, later renamed Lanseria Primary and Rehobot Skool, before Polly Shorts Akademie / Academy was graciously given the blessing to continue with education to a new generation of learners.

Our school was established in 2014, using the classrooms of the NG Church Weltevredenpark until April 2018 when we moved to this venue on the farm. We have a distinct farm environment with monkeys in trees, cows passing to graze in the morning, a vegetable garden and even our own chickens!

Why the name Polly Shorts?

Polly Shorts refers to the perseverance shown by the athletes running the Comrades Marathon when they reach the last hill – called Polly Shorts – in Pietermaritzburg where the marathon ends. This perseverance is demonstrated by the teacher and taught to the learner.

We are a family orientated school, looking after the best interest of each learner, taking hands with our parents by means of regular feedback as well as support, assisting in motivating our learners to become what God intended them to become. We, the teaching staff, display Perseverance, Camaraderie, Dedication, Selflessness, and Ubuntu supported by Christian values to our learners. These values become part of our learners and in so potential flourishes!