At Polly Shorts Academy we believe that it is important to teach each child the necessity of agriculture in our society.  The world is adapting at a radicle pace and the children of today are growing up into a world where updates are daily, technology is seemingly limitless and there are millions of directions one could take.

We have the privilege of being on a farm where the children can learn more about farm animals and what they eat.  They also learn that gardening is fun and we touch on the following aspects:

*  Garden habitats
*  All about soil
*  The changing seasons
*  Growing vegetables
*  Growing herbs
*  Water gardens
*  Your garden- a wildlife sanctuary
*  Managing problem animals

Our aim in the next 5 years is to not only equip learners with the knowledge and skills to be self-sustaining, but to also encourage them to become forthcoming entrepreneurs by having a farm stall on the premises.  Polly Shorts- a future in organics.